To celebrate 40 years of grant-giving in Northern Ireland, in September 2024 40 INVEST will open for applications. 

40 INVEST is open to registered charities with an income of £250,000 or less, with a least one year of annual returns published on the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland’s website. If your charity is registered with another charity regulator in the UK/Ireland, it must show that you operate in Northern Ireland.

40 INVEST will provide support of up to £40,000 over 2 years (approx. £20,000 per year). 10% of the budget can be allocated towards a contingency fund for unexpected expenditure. An additional £5,000 will be held for each grantee to support capacity building initiatives. Such initiatives can be identified and discussed with your Grants Officer.

In line with the priorities of The Halifax Foundation, your charity must support people in greatest need. For example, supporting people living in poverty; those who are unemployed; those with disabilities or mental ill health. (This is not an exhaustive list – other areas of need will be considered.)

40 INVEST opens for applications on Monday 2nd September and closes on Monday 30th September 2024. Awards will be made in December, with a start date of January 2025.  

Grantees of our other programmes may also apply.

FLEXIBILITY COMMITTMENT – We recognise that costs you need supported at the time of application may not be what you need throughout the lifetime of your grant. We encourage you to speak to your grants officer should things change and we will endeavour to be as flexible as possible. (Please note – you must receive confirmation of approval before changes are made.)


Social and Community Welfare

Community Services: Family centres, youth clubs, older peoples clubs, afterschool clubs, self-help groups, childcare provision, preschools and playgroups.

Advice Services: Homelessness, addictions, bereavement, family guidance, money advice, helplines, suicide awareness.

People with disabilities: Residences, day centres, transport, carers, information, advice and advocacy.

Promotion of health: Information and advice, mental health support, independent living, day care.

Civic Responsibility: Young people at risk, crime prevention, promotion of volunteering, victim support, mediation, rehabilitation of offenders.

Cultural Enrichment: Improving access to the arts and heritage for those in greatest need.

Education and Training

Employment: Employability skills, personal development support, interview and job coaching.

Training and Education:  Accredited, vocational, personal development training, life skills.

*We have developed additional guidance for PTAs. Click here for further information.



Your group needs to be a registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland or other charity regulator within the UK or Ireland. Your application must support people from Northern Ireland.

We will not ask you to provide your accounts, as we can view then on the charity regulator website. Accounts must be uploaded within 10 months of your financial year end, as per charity commission guidelines. If you have not uploaded your accounts within this timeframe, your application cannot be considered.

The total income of your charity needs to be £250,000 or less as shown on your most recent set of annual accounts. 

In addition, you must follow the rules around the minimum number of Trustees/Board Members as set out in your governing document.

If you work with children, young people or vulnerable adults, you must have a safeguarding policy in place. For further information published by NSPCC, click here

You will not be able to submit an application if you do not have adequate insurance cover to run your charity and activities contained in your application.

For guidance published by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, click here

We do not accept applications completed by a professional fundraising consultant. If you need support to complete this application, sign up for one of our monthly support sessions at grants@halifaxfoundationni.org



You will need an electronic copy of the following documents to attach with your application:

  • Your governing document (signed by an office bearer)
  • A recent bank statement (within last 3 months) unredacted
  • Minutes of your last Board Meeting
  • We will check the Charity Commission NI website for your accounts, so make sure they are up to date. 


In the application form, we will be asking you questions about:

  • Contact details of a main contact and your Chairperson
  • The activities of your charity
  • The funding you need, including details of your beneficiaries
  • The budget
  • Most recent financial information, including income, expenditure and reserves


Scroll to the right to view the timeline.

We offer monthly pre-application sessions online as well as one to one calls. Contact us on grants@halifaxfoundationni.org to book.
Application phase
Once your application is received, it is checked for completeness and an eligibility check is carried out. Should something be missing, we will email you and give you one week to send the outstanding information to us.
A Grants Officer will be assigned to your application. Your application will be assessed in two stages. Stage One – consists of a desk assessment. We will score your application based on a scoring matrix that will be provided to you as part of the application pack Stage Two – Your Grants Officer will contact you to carry out a more in depth assessment of your application. The Grants Officer’s report is presented to the Grants Team. The team will agree a recommendation.
Your application will be presented to our Grants Committee. The recommendations are sent to our Board of Trustees for final ratification. We will then share your grant decision mid-December.
A Grant Acceptance email will be sent to you. Your chair must sign up to the terms & conditions of grant and send payment details. Once received, your grant payment (in full) will be made to your charity bank account.
You are expected to retain all information relating to the grant including financial records. For more information, see our Financial Management Factsheet You may be asked to provide us with progress reports. We will send you an annual monitoring form to complete, before we can release funds for year 2
When your funding comes to an end, you are required to complete an evaluation form, highlighting the impact of your grant and how you spent the grant. You may receive a visit from a member of the grants team to close off the grant. You may then be eligible to reapply for further support.
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The 40 INVEST programme is opening on 2nd September 2024

40 INVEST is coming in September 2024

Other Grant Programmes

Open to groups who are recently set up (within last 2 years). Groups must be registered with Charity Commission NI. It provides funding to support a charity to get started

This programme is open to 2 or more registered charities with an income of under £500,000, who are coming together to tackle a social issue at a local level.

This programme is open to registered charities with an income of under £500,000, supporting people in greatest need.

This programme is open to infrastructure charities, both regional and sub-regional who provide advice and support to voluntary and community organisations.

In addition to our range of funding opportunities, we are proud to offer our grantees a range of additional support programmes in partnership with our funder Lloyds Banking Group.

The 40 INVEST Programme is coming in September 2024