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The Buddy Bear Trust educates children with cerebral palsy using Conductive Education which originated in the International Peto Institute in Budapest. The school assess children, provides early intervention, trains parents how to help children and provides special education programmes as appropriate. Conductive Education was introduced into the UK system of education as an option in 1989 by the UK Government when it invested £5 million in the Peto Institute. Conductors are now trained in Wolverhampton University. The Buddy Bear Trust was formed to help children from Northern Ireland and to establish a Conductive Education School with outreach facilities.  They were recognised by DENI in 1993 as an independent school and Boards may place children in it.

The Buddy Bear Trust requested financial support towards the on-going running costs of the Conductive Education School.  The pupils have severe disabilities and require this specialised treatment to help them to develop.  The organisation was awarded £4,000 to support the excellent work of the Trust.

The qualified and experienced Conductor Principal assesses pupils and devises individual education programmes for each pupil.  The organisation worked with 15 pupils through the lifetime of the grant, with an additional 4 returning for check-ups.

Caleb’s mum heard about Buddy Bear Trust because of publicity received by the Trust.  Caleb came with a list of things he was never likely to achieve.  Caleb’s parents however believed in him.  Caleb was set achievable targets and began his journey to greater independence.    He can now walk short distances independently.  He loves football and golf and loves life.


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