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Carn Media is a non-profit charity, providing MultiMedia workshops in Film Making, Animation, Creative Writing and Book Publication. The organisation has strong links in the disabled community where they have run many projects in schools and community groups. The Manager of Carn Media is a disabled artist and a member of ADF Ireland.  Carn Media's focus is education and helping groups raise awareness of topical issues that affect them directly, and in turn realising these with audio-visual outcome for a much wider audience to appreciate.

Carn Media applied to the Foundation for financial support which would enable them to offer more services to a wider range of people by acquiring new equipment. This new equipment could be used right across the range of services they provide, and would also allow the organisation to develop. It in turn would allow the group to work with many more people as they held a limited number of laptops and tablets.

Carn Media were awarded £4,000 towards equipment costs in September 2011 and were able to purchase laptops, a camera, graphics tablets and a voice recorder with the grant.

With the acquisition of the new equipment, Carn Media were able to offer more in-depth workshops with a more diverse range of participants. Limitations due to equipment available were lifted and the group found they could now offer new animation, film, design, photographic design and word-based activities. The grant allowed the group to deliver several projects including a Road Safety Film with a local youth group, Arts Council project with two local schools and a Recycling based project with two further schools, reaching up to 150 people. Carn Media have also worked with pensioners groups, hosting introductory photo skills workshops and have also worked with a community group in Belfast with more than 100 children which was successfully launched in City Hall last year.

Stephen Noonan, Manager of Carn Media was happy with the application process. He stated ‘We found the application process straight forward and excellently structured overall. The staff were always on hand to assist with any queries we had and made us feel at ease with the application’s criteria.’


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