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St Peter’s Immaculata Youth Centre has been operational in the lower Falls road (a high area of deprivation) for over 70 years and provides programmes and interventions for some of society’s most vulnerable young people. They offer a variety of programmes and activities such as numerous drop-in facilities, formal and informal educational opportunities with the aim of enhancing personal capabilities, improving health and wellbeing, and life and work skills for its beneficiaries. 

St Peter’s Immaculata applied to the Foundation for financial support towards their Tech Club and their programme ‘Improving Education Through Information Technology’. The project is a 12 month focused intervention programme working in partnership with local primary schools to improve and enhance the digital skills of the 8-11 age group. The focus of the project is to break the cycle of current underachievement and disadvantage and to equip young people with digital skills needed to improved their future career and employability prospects.

The group was awarded £5000 towards this programme towards staff and running costs.

Stephen Hughes, the senior youth worker, stated, “without funding and support provided by the Halifax Foundation NI, over 100 children and young people would have not received the educational and health support necessary to help them grow into effective members of society”.

Stephen also stated, “Halifax Foundation NI continues to support the needs of some of society’s most vulnerable young people through social action by their staff and financial support to provide health programmes that tackle mental, emotional and physical needs of youth at risk”.

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