Zomba Action Project

Drawing water from the well.

£5,000: Towards the provision of materials for 2 wells and goats.

In Coleraine and surrounding areas, ZAP makes presentations and provides information to schools, community bodies and public bodies about life in Zomba, Malawi and what can be done to address the difficulties of the people who live there.  In Zomba, a small ZAP committee identifies, costs and prioritises projects, passing on selected projects to Coleraine for further consideration and funding.  ZAP projects typically include irrigation schemes, food programmes, education scholarships, bicycle ambulances, mosquito nets, foot bridges, schools supplies, fire stoves and also a fish farm.

The project was to target the most vulnerable households in two villages in Zomba, Malawi, to enable them to accumulate money through the raising and selling of goats.  The project targeted 40 female headed households and households supporting orphans, the elderly and those living with HIV/Aids.

45 goats, 40 female and 5 male were distributed to the selected households and all recipients received training on livestock management.  Each first kid born had to be given to another targeted household in the village.  The first kids were passed to the second level beneficiaries in August/ September 2012. 

The second part of the project was to provide a well and an ambulance bike for each of the two villages in the project.  The ambulance bikes were delivered in late 2012 and the local communities were trained in the use and maintenance of the ambulances and in rudimentary first aid. The two wells were dug and constructed by local men and are now in use by the two communities.  A water committee in each village oversees the well, its use and maintenance.


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