Funding Objectives


The overall aim of the Foundation is:

To support charitable organisations within Northern Ireland to enable people, who are disadvantaged or with special needs, to participate actively in their communities.

The Foundation has two main target areas to which it seeks to allocate funds:

  • Social and Community needs
  • Education and Training



A wide range of activities are supported and the following are meant as a guide only.

  • Community Services: Family centres, youth clubs, older people’s clubs, after schools clubs, self-help groups, childcare provision preschools and playgroups.
  • Advice Services: Homelessness, addictions, bereavement, family guidance, money advice, helplines and suicide awareness.
  • People with Special Needs: Residences, day centres, transport, carers, information, advice, and advocacy.
  • Promotion of Health: Information and advice, mental health, hospices, day care, home nursing, independent living for older people.
  • Civic Responsibility: Young people at risk, crime prevention, promotion of volunteering, victim support, mediation, rehabilitation of offenders.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Improving access and skills development in the arts and national heritage for disadvantaged people and those with special needs.



The objective is to enhance educational opportunities for disadvantaged people and those with special needs:

  • Employment: Projects which help disadvantaged people develop their potential and secure employment.
  • Life Skills: Promotion of life skills, independent living skills for people with special needs.
  • Training and Education: Accredited, vocational or personal development training.



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