Funding Opportunities 2020


It is vital that our limited resources serve the neediest people in the most efficient way. We understand that most charities in Northern Ireland will face significant pressure on their finances at this time, and also that some activities will now be impractical under social distancing restrictions. Some charities have needed to freeze their work, while others have ramped up their activities.

Our Community Grants Programme can support day to day activities of a charity and new/existing projects, however we will also support charities to REACT to this pandemic, PREPARE to reopen services or adapt their services accordingly, and to RESTORE/RENEW in order to deliver what may be for many a new way of life.

Our average grant in our last funding batch was approximately £2,500 as demand for our funding has been extremely high, with charities under extreme pressure. We may not be in a position to offer you all what you need, however we will discuss viability with you. Please continue to understand what other charities and the government is doing in your field, and ensure that what you propose fits in.

Grants are only open to charities operating in Northern Ireland. Please do not apply if you are serving another region of the UK or beyond. 

Income under £1m

In order for organisations to be eligible, they must have an income of less than £1 million as shown in most recent set of accounts. (For registered charities with a Headquarters based outside Northern Ireland, the income of their Northern Ireland operation will be the figure used to assess eligibility).

Crisis Support

We will only consider applications from charities for a period of time in which they are/will be active and providing support to their users/the community. Unfortunately, we cannot support your costs during closure. Please contact your utilities provider(s) for support. 

FOOD - We will consider applications to support core costs or basic food items from established food distribution charities such as Foodbanks only.

Charitable Status

The following groups may apply:

  • Charities registered with the Charity Commission
  • Charities 'deemed' on CCNI's combined list
  • 'Non-deemed' on CCNI's combined list, provided they can supply their HMRC letter confirming charitable status



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