Community Grant Application Process


Income must be under £1 Million 

In order for organisations to be eligible to apply, they must have an income of less than £1million in the previous 12 months. For registered charities with a Headquarters based outside Northern Ireland, the income of their Northern Ireland operation will be the figure used to assess eligibility.

The Trustees took this decision as there was an increasing number of applications to the Foundation which makes the decision process more difficult. Also the Trustees were keen to ensure they stay in line with the overall aim of the Foundation, ‘to support underfunded charities that enable people, especially disadvantaged or people with special needs, to play a fuller role in the community.’

There has been no change to the level of grant issued, with the average grant remaining between £3,000-£4,000.

Application Process

Discussing Applying to the Foundation

Accessing the Online Application Form

Completing the Online Application Form


The Outcome

Successful Applications


Making a Further Application

Discussing Applying to the Foundation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss projects with applicants before submission to the Trustees. This will help to ensure that the project is within the criteria and provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the application process.  Should you wish to discuss a project via telephone please contact the office on 028 9032 3000.

Are you a new organisation who has been recently registered with the Charity Commission? Or are you a new staff member or volunteer to your charity? If you are and you wish to come into the office to discuss an application, we provide one-to-one Application Information Sessions. If you wish to book a slot, contact the office on 028 9032 3000.

The next available dates for a One-to-One Pre-Application Information Session are


Tuesday 3rd December

Thursday 12th December


(half hour slots available from 10.00-11.30am) 


Pre-Application Information Sessions are primarily to support organisations who have previously been made unsuccessful or who are applying for the first time.

*These sessions will take place in our new office in Donegall Square, Belfast.

Accessing the Online Application Form

All applications should be submitted via the online Application Form.

We would encourage all groups to use this method of submission. Please contact the Foundation office if there is any difficulty with this method on 028 9032 3000.

Please follow the steps below to get started.

  • To register, please click on the large green button which says 'Grant Programmes Online Here' and then click on ‘Register.’

  • Complete your name, organisation, email address and main interest and click on ‘Sign Up.’

  • You will be sent an email which will generate a username and password for you. Once these details have been  received, follow the link again to the online form and click on ‘Log In.’

  • When you have logged in you will be taken to a page which is titled ‘ Welcome to the grant portal for the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland.’ Here, you will find a list of grant programmes which are currently open for applications. The Community Grant Programme (previously known as the Standard Grant Programme) is most likely to be the programme you wish to apply for. To access the application form, click on ‘Apply Online’.

  • This will lead to a page titled ‘What would you like to do?’ Check the box states the programme you wish you apply to and click on ‘New’.

  • You will then be taken to the online form.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any part of this process. Please contact the Foundation on 028 9032 3000 if you have any problems accessing the online form.

Completing the Online Application Form

Once you have accessed the online form using the username and password supplied, you can save what you have done at any time to create a draft copy.

Please ensure however, that you have completed all required fields before pressing submit. If you have left out information, the system will not allow you to complete the submission process.

Please also ensure that you either upload or send hard copies of the following documents:

  • Annual report/Minutes of AGM

  • Independently examined and signed accounts for the last financial year

  • HM Revenue and Customs Letter of Recognition

  • Constitution, signed by at least two committee members, one which must be an office bearer

  • List of Office Bearers

  • In the case of application for salaries, a job description and personnel specification

Please note whether submitting the required documents electronically or via post, all documents must be received within 1 week of the date the application was submitted. Failure to do so will result in your application being an Administration Error and it will not go forward for assessment.

There is a supporting document which will help you to complete each stage of the Application Form. This is the Advice on Completing the Application Form. Please read this carefully whilst completing the form.


Your application will then be assessed.

As part of the assessment process you may receive a telephone call, or a member of our staff may visit your organisation. We will usually ring first to make arrangements with the person who submitted the application.

It is helpful if you retain a copy of your application, so you can answer any questions and discuss your project with us.

Not all applicants will receive a telephone call or visit.

The Outcome

The final decision is made by the Trustees at the quarterly Board Meeting. You will be informed of the decision by letter within one week of the meeting taking place.

At this stage there are four possible outcomes, the application may be:

1) Successful - You will be informed by letter within 1 week of the decision. We will then require signed Terms and Conditions, a bacs form and a copy of your bank statement/blank lodging in slip before we will issue your group with a bacs payment.

2) Unsuccessful - You will be informed by letter within 1 week. You may have a worthwhile project, however, too often it is the case that 'demand exceeds supply'. You may re-apply after a period of one year.

3) Conditional Offer - Where the grant is towards a project which requires further funding, a conditional offer may be made. We will need proof of additional funding received by your group before the grant can be issued.

4) Administration Error - If an application is not correctly completed, or there are a number of documents missing, the application will not be assessed. However, it will not be rejected, the group is free to re-apply in the next quarter.

5) Ineligible - If your organisation receives an ineligible email this will inform you of the reason why you are ineligible. Please contact the office to check if you can apply at a later date.  

If you have not heard from us within four weeks, please contact us.

Successful Applications

If you are successful, you will receive a copy of Terms and Conditions which must be signed by the Chairperson and returned to the Foundation before a payment can be made. Please also return the bacs form along with a copy of a bank statement or a blank lodging in slip to cofirm account details. 


1) Forms - Each grant holder must complete an evaluation form. Please log through the online Grants System using your username and password, to access the grant evalaution form.

2) Visits - We visit a number of projects that we have funded. Unfortunately, we cannot visit all projects. This provides an opportunity for you to discuss the project with us and address any problems that have arisen. We will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time to visit.

Failure to submit an evaluation form may result in your organisation having to return the grant in full. 

Making a Further Application

You must leave a period of at least one year between applications.

However, if you have received three years' consecutive funding you must leave at least two years before re-applying. 



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