Areas Outside the Guidelines

The scope of the work needing support within the community is such that guidelines for giving are necessary. The main areas of concern normally considered to be outside the Foundation's guidelines are:

  • Non-registered charities (unless they are on the CCNI's "Combined List" and are registered with HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes.

  • Groups using the charitable status of a parent, umbrella or third party organisation. 

  • Organisations which have an income of more than £1million in the previous year's accounts (excluding Special Initiatives Programme)

  • Organisations which are insolvent.

  • Organisations who have over 12 months reserves would not be seen as a priority.

  • Individuals, including students.

  • Organisations whose purpose is to give funds to individuals or other organisations.

  • Animal welfare.

  • The environment.

  • Hospitals and Medical Centres.

  • Schools, universities and colleges (except for projects specifically to benefit pupils with special needs)

  • Fundraising, sponsorship or fundraising events either for your own organisation or another.

  • Promotion of religion.

  • Endowment funds.

  • We are less likely to fund organisations who do not charge a nominal fee for activities.

  • Activities that are normally the responsibility of central or local government or some other responsible body.

  • Loans or business finance.

  • Travel or activities outside of Northern Ireland.

  • Capital build and associated costs (except in the case of disabled access).


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