Matched Giving Scheme

The Matched Giving Scheme is run by the Lloyds Bank Foundation, Bank of Scotland, Halifax Foundation and Lloyds Banking Group staff in UK or Channel Islands, including Group subsidiaries.

Claim up to £1,000 for a charity of your choice!

From raffles, marathons to dress down days you can claim up to £500 a year (at a rate of £10 per hour) for time spent, outside of working hours volunteering for eligible charities. You can also claim up to £500 a year to match funds you raise for registered charities that meet the scheme's eligibility criteria. This means that you can potentially claim up to £1,000 a year by fundraising and volunteering for charities of your choice.

Once your fundraising event has taken place and you have collected the funds and/or once you have given the maximum number of hours you intend to give to the charity this calender year, please submit the appropriate fundraising or volunteering Matched Giving form online via the interchange. 

Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland have been processing applications for Matched Giving from Lloyds Banking Group employees in Northern Ireland since August 2009.  

Matched Giving 2022

2022 proved to be a challenging year for all, with the war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis and the effects of covid, many charities have struggled to hold community fundraisers. Yet our fantastic colleagues rose to the challenge and managed to organise creative and beneficial fundraisers that have helped so many as well as volunteering for local charities. 

They held marathon board game events, sponsored walks, street collections, and some colleagues even threw sponges at their managers to raise money! We are very proud of their achievements throughout 2022 and hope to see the same enthusiasm in 2023. 

In 2022, the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland approved a total of 147 matched giving applications to the value of £54,630! This has benefited 67 charities in total!

The efforts made by our colleagues will have been greatly appreciated by the supported charities during this crisis.  

Congratulations and well done to everyone who has continued their fundraising and volunteering efforts through these difficult times, you are all super heroes!
















Charity of the Year

We are pleased to announce the new 2 year partnership between Lloyds Banking Group and Mental Health UK. The joint ambition of Lloyds Banking Group and Mental Health UK, a new charity which has brought together the strength and expertise of Rethink Mental Illness, Hafal, Support in Mind Scotland and MindWise, is to address this increasing need within today’s society, supporting Lloyds Banking Group’s wider ambition to help Britain prosper through tackling social and economic issues. Applications are welcome for the new Charity of the Year, please note all applications must be in the name Mental Health UK. 


Please visit the interchange and apply online.


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