Over 700 Digital Devices Supplied to our Grantees

Since 2018, the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland has supplied 746 refurbished laptops, PCs or tablets to our grantees.

The need for this support arose when some of our grantees told us they struggle to get funding for IT equipment needed to store their charity data safely.

And so, in partnership with Computers Recyclers UK, we developed our Digital Support Initiative, open to all grantees of the Foundation, whereby groups can request a device to support their charity for administrative purposes.

“Computer Recyclers UK are extremely proud to support The Halifax Foundation Northern Ireland with our Get Online @ Home Initiative, supplying professionally refurbished, warranted, customisable equipment . We are committed to supporting the circular economy and promote sustainability via secure I.T asset disposition, professional re-use and re-marketing of retired I.T assets, helping to ensure there is an affordable solution for all.” Marcus Griffiths, CRUK

“Many people in our communities and charities have limited or no access to digital devices or the internet, which are essential to connect and thrive. We are so pleased to work alongside Computer Recyclers UK to help bridge the gap. Our offering to every grantee will help them manage their data, financial or otherwise which in turn leads to better governance. It also helps us as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit for the environment.” Brenda McMullan, Halifax Foundation NI

In 2023 alone Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland supported the cost of 168 refurbished devices. We are most grateful to our partner Computer Recyclers UK, without whom this would not have been possible.